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PSA: Lyme Links

A LJ friend of mine just found out she has Lyme :( so I am posting some links for her...and anyone else who may be interested...

These are some great forums that you can check out...lots of info and suport here.

General Information:
http://www.ilads.org/news/index.php - Become very well aquainted with this site. It is THE site that LLMD's follow.
http://www.lymeinfo.net/alt.html - alternative medicine treatments
http://www.truthaboutlymedisease.com/phpBB3/ - it doesn't apear that anyone posts here anymore BUT there is a TON of information on treatment, symptoms, etc
http://www.lymebook.com/antibiotic-treatment-for-babesia-bartonella-ehrlichia-co-infections - if you can afford it, buy this book. BEST Lyme book out there, imo, and I have many.
http://www.lymenet.org/BurrGuide200810.pdf - Downoad this to your computer. This is THE Lyme Disease treatment Bible written by one of the leading Lyme Dr's in the country. Most Dr's follow this protocol, and many Lyme patients self-treat according to these guidelines. I even printed out a copy and gave it to my Dr.

If anyone needs more info or something specific, let me know. I have alot of info and some stuff is more specific ie herbal remedies, detoxing, etc. Just ask...

-Well, my Frosty First Fat-Ass went off without a hitch...which you can read about here: http://rawveganrunner.blogspot.com/ if you are so inclined. If not...carry on.

-The day after I do these sorts of events tend to be an all day sloth-eatfest. I was all askew yesterday, being that the race ended at 7am, and I was having intestinal issues. I did eat all-that-was-not-nailed-down yeterday, in-between coma naps, but today...today is THE DAY. I will consme my weight in a variety of food products :) We in the Ultra community often reflect on the fact that in these runs, its all about the food. We were numerous times lamenting about the various snacks we could eat at the *aid station*...I was not eating due to intestinal revolt, but it SOUNDED good :) It still boggles my mind the kind of crap ultra-runners eat and then continue to run. I have yet to develop the iron gut.

-I will ignore the fact my house looks like a bomb went off, that there are piles of dirt on the floor from yesterday's foot traffic, and that there are plates on the table from yesterday. Instead, I will do my obligatory 2 miles per The Sherpa Challenge http://sherpajohn.blogspot.com/2010/12/streak.html I expect it will be a shuffle at best, and perhaps I can cajole the eldest boy-child into going with me.

Then, I will perhaps hit Hellmart to buy food for the various furpets, and come home to commence eating. And take a nap.

Speaking of furpets...
-We have this cat. She is older than dirt. By about eleventy billion years. Srsly, she is 17-18yo. She is a skinny little thing, and mostly sweet though we have been waiting for her to die for about 3 years...to the point we already went out and got new cats...who are now over a year old. She mostly sleeps anywhere warm, which is fine, and will occasionally come out of hiding if she hears Hubby crinkle a chip bag. Thing is...she howls. Like, HOWLS. Really, really loud at oh-buttcrack-thirty in the morning usually. Not for any reason in particular. This is a cat that has never been particularly vocal, but has taken to doing this in the last month or so. I have threatened to lock her in the basement at night so she can't wake us up since the cats spend the entire day trying to get down there anyways...

Seriously? I am OVER it. Sigh. She is lucky she is so damn sweet. But, sweet cat, for the love of all thigs Mama-is-a-beotch-when-she-doesn't-get-enough-zzz's...STFU. Love, The One Who Feeds You.

-Hubby is depressed-on-the-inside. This weekend we have seen temps in the 50's and he cannot go for a motorcycle ride. Every single bike he owns is having a tantrum and not working for one reason or another. Add to that the loss of Big Red, aka the only vehicle capable of towing said tantrum having bikes to the mechanic on the other side of the state...yeah. Hopefully this will inspire said Hubby to get a tow package for the Honda so we can get some of these bikes fixed. No motorcycle + Hubby+ warm weather= An Ugly Scene We won't Talk About. Plus...I want to go for a ride too :)

-In other complete and total random news...I need to call Jerry and have him do some more work on my sleeve. I always think I should see him regularly during the winter to get lots of work done as then I have time to heal before kin baring weather...then I forget. :) Heh. I better get on that. I need him to finish my sleeve so I can move on to the next one. I still have bare skin... :)

-Ok, I have ot had anything to eat in at least an hour so...off to find something. Salt....mmmmm......

Like, woah.

Just when ya think life can't throw you any more surprises...it does. :)

I grabbed the mail on our way out to the bank/ski this afternoon. One piece was an xmas card, and by the writing I thought it was from my Grandma.


It was a nice card, one of those with heart felt sentiment on the cover so I assumed it was from my Grandma until a check fell out when I opened it...as she doesn't do checks anymore. Not only was the card clearly hand-picked, in it was a check, 'for the family or you can split it 5 ways- whichever you prefer' ...Love, Dad.

The kids were all excited, wanting to go home and make a thank you card...while I was trying to pick my chin up off the car floor. This is a card from a man who has not sent me a card in probably close to 20 years and when he did send them they CERTIANLY were not early, they usually came fed-ex'd on xmas eve...


Actions, baby....they are SO loud.

I am genuinely grateful for his thoughtfulness. I will tell him so on Xmas when I talk with him and my grandma. He certianly did NOT have to do that, and unlike when I was younger and his gifts were more like a 'pay-off', I know this is because he wants to do something nice for me and my family. Period. No strings attatched. And let me tell you...that feels pretty nice.

I am going to go take a bath and feel all...nice. :)

Meme, and other time wasters.

Because it is 10am and I have done NOTHING to get ready for the party today, I bring you a post. :)

Day 01: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now:
1- I wish you would listen to me...and *hear* me.
2- I am really proud of who you are becoming.
3- I really, really love you...I wish you could hear me.
4- I never in my life have told someone I hate them, but truly...I hate you and your very existance.
5- You have been such a role model for me, and I am so grateful.
6- I'm so, so sorry.
7- You really need to let go of this need to control everything.
8- I love your beautiful spirit.
9- You bring joy to my heart every single day.
10- My heart aches for how hard it is to be you.

Day 02: Nine things about yourself.
Day 03: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day 04: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day 05: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day 06: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day 07: Four turn offs.
Day 08: Three turn ons.
Day 09: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day 10: One confession

Play along, won't you? :)
I need to go make gingerbread cupcakes and start the wasail. I also need to clean, get dressed and get the craft ready. Eh, it can be done. We are skipping school today...because we can. :) I don't do it often, but occasionally I do. I will probably have them do something but...I will leave it up to them.

I am going to do a night run tonite. Which, doesn't really differ from my morning runs as they are in the dark as well, but I want to try out the route for my race I am doing on NYE. Its an 8 mile loop that has NO lights whatsoever. I am going to do that loop and if I am feeling the love, I may run longer. I will do a long run tonite, them maybe 6.5 in the morning...that would be a good training block for me. We'll see. I will be dressed and ready to go for whenever Hubby gets home. It will be nice as everyone will have their xmas lights ablaze and I will run to xmas music :) I have loved to do this since I was a teen...I used to go out and run through the streets of our town, with xmas music on my 'walkman'. At the time, I was looking in all the windows, wondering what it would be like to have a family that actually was nice, and that enjoyed the Holidays. Ours? Not so nice. So I fantasized :) Now, I simply enjoy the lights...particularly mine:)

Wanna see some pics?
Well, apparently photobucket is a donkey sack as they will not post my pics here anymore. Really? I will go somewhere else, you jackasses.
(Jackass is my favorite swear word. Everyone is a jackass. My kids know this, and use the word appropriately. Mom Fail #496, for those of you keeping track.)
No pics for you.

Sigh. I guess that means I need to go get shit done. Ah, well. Off I go.

Why do I do this? I know not.


Recipes and such therein :)

I am currently quadruple tasking. Why, you ask? Well because apparently I thrive on stress and must be overwhelmed, over scheduled and over listed. Just today I have to:
-school the kiddos
-print off pictures/xmas cards
-go to PO with packages and xmas cards*
-go to Target to get JD and Dave their gift for Nana Xmas (sunday)
-go to grocery store to get supplies for co-op craft for coop party and things I need to bake/cook
-bake 3 different cookies(maybe just 2) and assemble non-lcoholic Wassail for said coop party
-make grasshopper cheesecake for Nana Xmas since my nephew who loves cheesecake will be there**
-clean house
-encourage children to clean their rooms and the playroom

*Be not offended if you do not gt a xmas card and I have your addy. I have cut my card giving WAY down. I just don't have the time, energy or desire to kill trees. :)
**we ike to tell my 12yo niece there are REAL grasshoppers in it, hence the name 'grasshopper cheesecake' and the green hue. We do this with a straight face, and to this day she will not even taste it because she is not sure. I am evil. Aren't you glad I'm not YOUR aunt?

OK...it is now 4:30pm and I actualy got most of that stuff done. Cookies are not made, nor is the cheesecake which I realized I can actually make Saturday. The cookies, however, need to be made tonight. But right now, I am going to sleep for 30 minutes while my children are upstairs building box forts. Eh, I hear screaming...nevermind.

Hubby's Grandma, who is 2 mo shy of 99, is dying. She is asleep most of the time now, and won't eat/drink much unless they feed it to her. She no longer talks and I am sure she is getting ready to 'get on the bus' as we like to say. I am praying she has a quick and easy crossing. She isn't ill, just at the end. She has come this close before, then somehow rallied...not sure why or if someone/thing is keeping her here but Hubby went to see her today and said she ooks really bad so this time will hopefully be it. Any kind of prayers you like to pray for her are welcome, Her name is Margaret.

Sigh...my children have moved on to beating each other. I guess I should intervene...

I am the queen of squat.

I cannot believe I do not have a making cookies icon. What has the world come to? I know not.

I got jack shit done yesterday. Instead, I watched a marathon of 'Hoarders' and I now want to throw away everything I own. Heh. Actually, just stuff Hubby owns as I am a regular purger. I LOVE to throw stuff away. Srsly? If you haven't looked at it, worn it, used it, seen it, etc in the last 6mo to a year GET RID OF IT! We donate A LOT of stuff, but somehow...shit keeps coming back into the house...grrr...clutter makes me stabby.

I have a to-do list eleventy billion miles long today. Well, when one sits on their ass on a perfectly good doing-something day, that will happen. :)Today, cookies will be made(2 batches) bread will be baked, xmas cards addressed, tree decorated, laundry done, floors swept/vaccumed, along with school, various crafts(I promised my crafty daughter that this would happen) as well as blog updates on ye other blogs.

Somewhere in there, I should call our hs friend and set up some sort of playdate for this week...which will be equally craxy...I need to go to the PO tomorrow along with BJ's before heading to work at Miss R's. Wednesday, I need to make my 3rd and 4th batch of cookies along with some muffins of some kind. Thursday and friday I need to finish my baking, make sure I have enough set aside for Nana Xmas as well as a potential gathering we may/may not be having here saturday. I also need to clean up the place, and get my snack and craft ready for our co-op xmas/holiday party which is here on friday. Oh, and don't forget the picture taking of children for family/cards and the printing/cropping/various other swear inducing activities...Holy hell...perhaps I will go on vacation next week?

I do this to myself every year. I am a poor Holiday planner. Heh. Ah, well.

I am hosting a 50k run on NYE also. Someone suggested I just do it, so I am. It will start at the stroke of midnight and we will run 4(or whatever) 8 mile loops. It should be a lot of fun, and its SO nice to use a house as an aid station. Upon completion, we will have a celebratory breakfast (feeding multiple ultrarunners after having run lots of miles overnight should be something, lol) If it goes well, I may do something like this every year. It would have been cool to do it in the woods but again, poor planning on my part means there is no way I could get that arranged in time. This requires no planning. I have the route, it starts/ends here...people show up and we go run. Sweet.

Alrighty. I best get my buttinski in gear...the list...it beccons me so...

Rain. Sleet. Cold. Ew.

It is rainy and raw. Ew. Looks like running will have to wait...if it happens at all. Sigh. Its a whole bunch of yuck out. I am glad we got up to ski last night as they closed the mountain today, and something tells me it will be closed tomorrow too...Its not cold enough for them to make snow plus the rain...makes for a big pile of yuck.

So, maybe I will actually get some knitting done today! While watching some sort of marathon on Netflix. Or not. Heh. There are things I *should* do but...yeah, no. I don't feel like it :)

We got our Xmas tree last night. Usually we get it from the Lyons Club as they donate the money to something good but when we went...NOTHING! They were sold out! So, we ended up going somewhere else and got a 10 foot tree. :) Heh. AND we saw a baby moose!!! It was causing traffic *issues* too, and a cop showed up. Yep, that's excitement in my town. I kept waiting for the mom to come...but no sign of her. I thought that was odd and wondered if something happened to the mom. :( Poor baby moose was frozen to her spot and did not move...it was cool, but also sad. Lots of hunters out yesterday...

The tree is sitting in a bucket in the living room as we speak. It is very tall. Heh.

I am JUST about done with the xmas shopping. I finished Lilly yesterday, and all I need to do is get the Santa Mouse gifts. Santa Mouse was something my mom started and I still do it to honor her. Even though she can't be with us I am keeping up that tradition because SOMEDAY maybe she will be able to be here...sigh. I also am getting Hubby an new cell phone which he does not know about. We are doing it all stealth-like this week and it will be an early gift. :) Oh, and I need to get a Nana gift for Hubby and Max as our Nana Xmas party is next Sunday. Oh, fine. So I'm not done yet. Sheesh.

This week...cookies. Lots of them. And suet cakes for the birds. And xmas crayons. Maybe I will get the floor painted in the playroom/school room too...gah. I hope so...Oh snap...and xmas cards need to be sent out. Eeeep. :)

I am putting my *schooling*, spiritual endeavors, et al on hold until January. It would be foolish of me to even try to get anything done this month beyond what has to be done this month. No need to make it more stressful than necessary, right? Right. :)

OK, more peppermint coffee, and knitting. Sweet.
I am achy, cold, and an uber bitch. My stomach is revolting(again, eff me) and I am all sorts of spinny and equilibrium challenged. Alone, none of that is good. Together? REALLY not good. I am waiting ever-so-not-patiently for Hubby to get home so he can take the kiddos up to ski for a bit then I am getting in the tub. For a very long time.

I wish I still drank. It would definitely be a glass(or 4) of wine night for me. Merlot, if you are going to have a glass for me.

Oh, and did I mention the headache?

Damnit all to bloody hell. I best be able to knock this out with a hot bath, massage and a good stiff smoothie...I will beat someone(well, not really but I might want to...) if I am herxing/relapsing. Nope, we just aren't going to go there. Happy thoughts. Rainbow farts and sparkly unicorn shits abound!


How 'bout some bullets for ya?

-So, in my spare time I am a PCA.(way to use my degree)A PCA is a Personal Care Attendant (not to be confused with one who possesses a degree in Human Sciences and Services aka the Trash Can Degree tm)I have been working for the lovely Miss R for +/- 2 years now and I am only one of 2 PCA's she hasn't fired (seems there is a shortage of people in this area capable of coming to work and doing what they are told...who knew?)Anyways, she is pretty ill. She is in a wheelchair, and also suffers from a 2 inch thick medical file of maladies which make her life fairly difficult at times. Like now. She has bee scary-sick for several weeks and I am there twice a week to cook meals, clean up a bit, do some laundry and offer companionship (we are far more than employee-employer at this point) I have to say though I am not just concerned for her at this point...I am concerned for myself. She is VERY sick. With what, exactly, they do not know but WEEKS of abx have not helped and at the very least she has pneumonia, probably something more than that though...well, my immune system is FAR from stellar. Yes, I am on enough abx to choke a horse but...I am concerned. I feel like I am trying to fight something off right now, and it concerns me. I have no idea which of her maladies are contageous and which aren't. So, not only am I endangering myself, I may be exposing my children to things. Eh...this is not sitting well with me right now and I am not sure what to do. She is seeing her Dr. on Monday and I told her to tell him how concerned I am as I see her and how she is suffering/struggling...hopefully he will be able to figure out what the HELL is going on...and whether or not we are at risk. Sigh.

-One of my tenants that has been there forever(single dad, we love him, but he still supports his ex who cheated on him and had a baby with someone else...Oooooh, teh dramaz!)emailed me and said he can't pay his rent until NEXT friday, as it has been a tough month and his grandma died. Ok, first...I get tough months as we are having one. But to use the excuse of a death in the family as to why you can't pay your rent? Uh..that would be a no. When members of our family have died, and we have had to travel(sometimes last minute...ouch) to various far away locations I did not call my mortgage co. and say "hey...gonna be late with my payment this month since my *insert person here* died" yeah...want to know where that would get me? It boggles my mind when people think that they are immune from paying bills, while the rest of us struggle/compromise/budget/*gasp* go without in order to pay our bills. Sigh...

-Talked to my Grandma and Dad this morning...it is still is SO wierd to talk to my Dad. Good, but wierd. I did ask him about my mom since they had to talk recently now tht he is retired. He said she did not mention our *split* (check sf our mom stuff tags for back history on this saga) nor did she really mention us at all. He said he reminded her that her children love her, but didn't say more than that. Gah. Its something when a crazy person says that a situation is crazy...But, his new roommate situation is going well, as he and my Grandma are getting on just fine :) She is a hot ticket still, gave me all the family *gossip* per usual, and we giggled as we always do. We talked about the kids, Hubby, and how cold it is there :) It was nice to talk to them. I don't think we will get down there before the fall, if that so talking often will have to do.

-Getting a package ready for my nephew...its his first xmas and I wish I could be there...

-FOr unknown reasons I am procrastinating on some spiritual fronts. I am trying to be ok with it, as I am trying to recognize that sometimes it is ok to simply be where you are, and that in and of itself is a spiritual experience. Being with what life hands you, completely present, instead of always planning for the future is not something I am good at so...lessons...always lessons.


Way to do moderation.

I am NOT one for moderation. One of THE most annoying things about being sick has been not doing EVERYTHING. I am, as much as I hate to admit it, an all-or-nothing kind of gal. I don't bake a loaf of bread, I bake 10. I don't clean one room of the house, I do them all and wash the windows and walls (ok not regularly, but you get my drift) I enjoy nothing more than a to-do list a mile long, which I then do. This is true in all aspects of my life...and running is no different.

Most people who know me would say I can be a tad obsessive. Eh, its true and I am ok with it. I will research something to.death. and then research it some more. Ultra running, raw food, spiritual practices, allergies, homeschooling, living green....doesn't matter what it is, that is just how I roll. I am over-the-top, and then after a period of time I will settle in to what will comfortably work in my life. Though it can be annoying to those who live with it, it works for me :)

So, now that I am experiencing a remission of sorts from Lyme, I am creating to-do lists, attempting to do far more than I should...the difference now is I could seriously set myself back. This is a hard pill for me to swallow. I *feel* better which I interpret as I should go back up to living at 110mph...and that is not exactly the case. I was gently reminded of this yesterday and this morning when after bumping p my running over the last week, and skiing, and running 8m THEN skiing for many hours...http://rawveganrunner.blogspot.com/2010/12/moderation-is-not-my-style.html I am left today feeling less than stellar. Its ok, just a gentle bitch-slap back into reality which is that I need to take care of myself.

I missed quite a bit of the ski season last year due to sick. And cold. I don't want to miss it this year. Therefor, I cannot go out and run 10 miles a day AND expect to go up and ski for 5 or 6 hours. Not going to happen. So, I need to make adjustments. Sigh...

Today we are not going up to the Mt. as everyone is tired(not JUST me, lol) and we need to get some Christmas shopping done. Hubby gave me his bike $$$ for the kids' gifts so we will head out today and they can pick their gifts.

OOOH! So, speaking of $$$...
Our plumbing woes...turns out that the $1000 they quoted us for fixing the pipes at Ye Olde House? I got the bill...$436. SWEET! AND, I called about our refund from our extended warrantee that we got when we bought the Honda years ago and it should come in within the next 3-4 weeks! Since it is enough to then fix the Honda, I can use the $$$ put aside to do said repairs, to pay off the plumber (we also owe them $250 for that second time they went out...grrr...)

Ahhh...thank you Universe! You may not get what you want, but you always get what you need. We got what we needed. :) Things are still tight, but bills will be paid and that is good.

Alrighty. Off to school the kidletts! They want to do a *short day* as they are very excited to go to do their shopping :)